Aquatic Center

Hatfield Aquatic Center
2021 Season


The 2021 Hatfield Aquatic season is open to Season Pass Holders and Residents ONLY. New changes to policies, procedures, and operation have been implemented to ensure the safety of our patrons and staff. Please read below for updated and important information.

*** No transactions will be taken at the Hatfield Aquatic Center. 
All registrations (season pass and resident day pass) must be done online or at the Hatfield Township Administration Building in advance. ***

Season Pass Holders
(Hatfield Township Residents
and Non-Residents)

Daily Resident Pass
(Hatfield Township
Residents ONLY)

You are able to purchase a season pass ONLINE.

Season passes must be purchased prior to arriving at the aquatic center. No season passes will be processed at the aquatic center.

Guest booklets will NOT be available for purchase this year.

***Due to limited facility capacity, daily entry is not always guaranteed. If the facility reaches capacity, it will be posted on the main aquatic center page of the website. We recommend you check the website prior to visiting.

A Resident Day pass can be purchased ONLINE. Spaces are limited.

A day pass can only be used by the Hatfield resident that purchases it. 

Pre-registration is required for season passes and resident daily passes before arriving at the aquatic center. No transactions will be processed at the aquatic center.

Key Tags
- If you no longer have your key tags from previous seasons, you will need to purchase new key tags. 
- If you are a first-time season pass holder, you will receive your key tags at your first visit. Pick up will be located at a table outside the aquatic center by the entry line. 
- If you need to purchase a replacement key tag, please see one of our entry line attendants outside the aquatic center when you arrive. They will assist you. 

Hours of Operation
- Daily: 11:00am – 7:30pm 
- Holiday and Early Closings: 3:00pm

Face Masks
Face masks MUST ALWAYS be worn in communal spaces regardless of social distancing. This includes, but is not limited to: deck areas, concession areas, locker rooms, bathrooms, entry lines, front desk area, concourse area, etc.

- If you are in your designated area where you set up a chair, blanket, etc. and are safely distanced 6ft or further from others, you may remove your face mask.
Face masks do not need to be worn if you are going into or leaving the water, or while in the water.

- NO registrations or transactions will take place at the front desk. 
- All season passes and resident daily passes must be purchased prior to arrival. 
- Social distance markers, signs, and guides are located outside the facility in the front parking lot to direct the new entry line through bag check and into the facility. 
- Once you’ve entered the facility, please follow all arrows for foot traffic through the concourse area and out to the pool deck. 

Bathrooms and Locker Rooms
- Open at limited capacity.
- Enter from deck ONLY.

- Picnic tables are available for use in limited capacity. 
- Lounge chairs are NOT available for use. 
- Guests can bring chairs or blankets to set up in the grass ONLY. 

Pool Features
- Due to social distancing and space, the Hydrotherapy Pool is not open for use.
- Lines for features such as the lazy river, green drop slide, red and orange slides, and diving boards will be relocated. Attendants will be present to direct the lines. 

- At this time, we anticipate the Concession Stand to be open for the 2021 season, but with a reduced menu. 
- More information will be available closer to the start of the season. 

- To keep the entry line moving and maintain social distancing, please proceed to the pool deck and visit one of our RED CHAIR INFO STATIONS or our INFO TABLE if you have any questions
1. Attendants will be located throughout the entry line and the facility to assist you. 
2. Red Chair Info Stations are located throughout the deck. 
3. The Info Table is located under the blue pavilion.

Hand Sanitizing Stations
- Hand sanitizing stations are located throughout the pool deck for patron and staff use. 
1. Blue pavilion
2. Concession Area
3. Additional - TBD

ONLINE season pass registration will open on Wednesday, March 24th at 12pm

ONLINE season pass registration will open on Wednesday, April 7th at 12pm


Due to 2021 admission being limited to season pass holders and residents only, as well as the implementation of additional COVID-19 safety measures, there are no registration discounts this year.

We have taken enhanced health and safety measures to ensure a safe and quality experience for our patrons and staff. Patrons must adhere to all posted instructions, guidelines, policies, and procedures while at the Hatfield Aquatic Center. 

Hatfield Township continuously monitors COVID-19 guidelines distributed by the Montgomery County Department of Health, State of Pennsylvania, and the Center for Disease Control for recommendations on operating protocols, policies, and procedures in regards to COVID-19. These recommendations, as well as consideration of the size and unique qualities of the aquatic center determine operating protocols, policies, and procedures and are subject to change based on updated COVID-19 information and requirements. Hatfield Township’s first priority is the safety of all program participants and staff.

An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to illness and cause severe health conditions. Seniors and patrons with underlying medical conditions are particularly vulnerable. By visiting the Hatfield Aquatic Center, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19. Be respectful of others and of facility policies regarding COVID-19.

CLICK HERE: Hatfield Aquatic Center COVID-19 Safety and Action Plan